Emin Poljarevic received title Associate Professor (Docent) of Sociology of Religion at the Department of Theology


Emin Poljarevic, lecturer at the department of theology and researcher within the Impact programme, has specialized in Islamic studies, political Islam and Salafism. On the occasion of his new title he gave a lecture on "Theology as “an object” of sociological research". You can read a summary of his lecture and more about his research here:

Research on political theology was the entry point of the docent-lecture given by Emin Poljarevic on May 22 at the Theological Faculty. It aimed to provoke a scholarly discussion on the current state of sociological approaches to the study of radicalization and religious extremism. He had suggested that sociologists of religion ought to seriously consider theology as analytically relevant to studies of religiously inspired socio-political activism – a sort of sociological theology. Additionally, he clarified that sociologists are generally not equipped or necessarily interested in engaging with the study of the production of theological principles. Rather, the sociological analysis should consider exploring how, when and where do religious activists negotiate, employ and translate a particular set of available theological principles into social action.

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