New publication: “Religion and Welfare in Europe: Gendered and minority perspectives”.


“Religion and Welfare in Europe” explores regional conceptions and variations in welfare and religion across Europe.

Religion and Welfare in Europa

Methodological approaches to research and practice draw thematic comparisons on these issues using case studies focused on gendered and minority perspectives as they relate to the varied provision of social welfare in selected European countries.

The publication is edited by researcher Lina Molokotos-Liederman together with Professor Anders Bäckström and Professor Grace Davie*.

Several Impact researchers contribute to this volume with their knowledge. Martha Middlemiss Lé Mon, director of Uppsala Religion and Society Center (CRS) and one of leaders at Impacts, writes about the tension between self-fulfilment and family obligations for women in northern England.

Associate Professor Pia Karlsson Minganti focuses her research on Muslims lives in Sweden. In this publication she explores religion as a resource or as a source of exclusion by making use of a case study of Muslim women’s shelters.

You can read more about the publication here.

* Anders Bäckström is Professor Emeritus in Sociology of religion at Uppsala University and established both the Uppsala Religion and Society Research Center and the Impact of religion programme. Grace Davie is Professor Emeritus in Sociology at the University of Exeter, UK and senior adviser of Impact.