Dr. Dawid Bunikowski is guest researcher at CRS March - April 2021

Dr. Dawid Bunikowski is a legal philosopher. He completed his PhD in Poland (on law and morality: abortion, euthanasia, human fertilisation, cloning, pornography, prostitution, same-sex couples etc.) and postdoctoral research in Finland (on the recent global financial crisis as an axiological crisis: the crisis of law and the crisis of morality; business ethics/corporate governance). He is currently Research Scholar at the Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship, New Jersey, USA) and Researcher (Research Associate) at IGDORE - Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education; a location independent research organisation; Estonia-Indonesia-Sweden). He is also Leader of the Sub-group of Philosophy of Law in the Arctic in the Arctic Law Thematic Network at the University of the Arctic . He is also Senior Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Wloclawek, Poland and part-time Lecturer at the University of Eastern Finland. 

His main research area is legal theory/philosophy of law, in particular law and morality relations but not only. He is also a law and religion scholar and a social/political thinker  interested in law, ethics, philosophy, logic, economy, history, and theology, and anthropology. He has broad experience of cross-disciplinary studies.

Last modified: 2021-02-12