Finalised research projects

Table of contents:

Research projects finalised 2001-2005

Nya förutsättningar för kyrkans diakoni och undervisning (2001-2002). Financed by Kyrkliga arbetslivsfonden.

Bibeln i nya medier (2001-2002). Financed by Svenska Bibelsällskapet.

Liv i Guds tjänst (2002-2003). Financed by Linköpings stift.

From State Church to Free Folk Church (1997-2004) (PDF)

Perspectives on life and religion (2001-2005) (PDF)

Research projects finalised 2006-2010

Rit och relevans (2001-2006). Financed by Kyrkliga arbetslivsfonden. Authors/links to reports: Ninna Edgardh Beckman, Unni Wiig Sandberg and Maria Liljas Stålhandske.

Existentiella behov och uttryck  i samband med tidig abort (2004-2006). Finance: Forskningsrådet för arbetsliv och socialvetenskap (FAS).  

Welfare and Religion in a European Perspective (WREP) (2003-2006) (PDF)

Barns och ungas röster (2005-2006). Financed by Stockholms stift and Svenska kyrkans unga.

Welfare and Values (WaVE) (2006-2009) (PDF)

Welfare and Religion in a Global Perspective (2006-2010)

Gudstjänst i förändring (2007-2010). A study of the development and changes in Church of Sweden liturgical services 1968-2008.

Individualism versus civic and religious citizenship (2008-2011). 

Research projects finalised 2011-2015

Ordination of Deacons in the Churches of the Porvoo Communion: A Comparative Investigation in Ecclesiology (2007-2011)

Halal-tv: Negotiating the place of religion in Swedish public discourse (2010-2011).

Public Religions in Swedish Media: A Study of Religious Actors on Three Newspaper Debate Pages 2001-2011 (2009-2013)

The role of religion in the public sphere: A comparative study of the five Nordic countries 1988-2008 (NOREL) (2009-2015) (PDF)

  • Changing relationships between state and religion in Sweden
  • Politics and Religion in the Nordic Countries
  • Religion in Nordic Media 1988-2008

The resurgence of religion? A study of religion and modernity in Sweden with the daily press as case study (2011-2015)

Research projects finalised 2016-

Existential Issues in Women’s Magazines

This is the Face of an Atheist: Performing Private Truths in Precarious Publics

On Consumed Democracy: The Expansion of Consumer Choice, Its Causal Effects on Political Engagement, and its Implications for Democracy

Engaging with Conflicts in Mediatized Religious Environments. A Comparative Scandinavian Study (CoMRel)

Young adults and religion in a global perspective (YARG)

Youth and Religion