International conference 2018 - The Impact of religion


The Second International Interdisciplinary conference The Impact of Religion: Challenges for Society, Law and Democracy”, took place 24-26 April 2018! 

The conference was a manifestation and celebration of the research environment which has been built up through the multi-disciplinary IMPACT-programme’s (nearly) 10-year period. In the plenary session which particularly focused on IMPACT brief reports and ideas for future research from the six themes within the programme were presented. Now IMPACT-research continues in new forms which are under development.

220 researchers from over 40 countries took part and participated with 160 paper-presentations. Both the IMPACT programme and the conference were showered with praise and aclaim from international keynote speakers and participants. The theme of the conference and the rare broad multidisciplinary character were highly appreciated. In addition to the conference a multidisciplinary workshop for  doctoral students was organised, 23-24 april 2018.

Presentations from the keynote speakers will be available here soon.

Photos from the conference

Presentations by:
Solange Lefebvre
Grace Chang
Grace Davies
Adam Dinham