Report on State Support to Religious Communities in Sweden


Freedom of religion is the main motivation for the state to support religious communities. This is the conclusion of the main investigator of the newly published report concerning state support to religous communities, entitled Statens stöd till trossamfund i ett mångreligiöst Sverige som överlämnats till kulturministern

The report suggests that a "democracy criterion should be enunciated in order to exclude from state support any religious community that would act against certain fundamental protective values in the Swedish society (so called bases for exclusion)", writes the investigator in a debate for the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter

The Religion and Society Research Centre at Uppsala University will organize a public discussion about the report and the conditions for State support to religious communities in a religiously pluaralist Sweden after the elections in 2018. 

September, 20th, 2018, fr. 15-17

Humanistiska teatern, Campus Engelska parken, Uppsala University

Prof. Ulf Bjereld, main investigator will present the report. 

Discussants : Senior Researcher Karin Borevi, Södertörn; Ph. D. in Law Victoria Enkvist, Uppsala University och Senior Researcher Johan von Essen, Ersta och Åke Göransson, Director of the Institution for State Support to Religious Communities (SST).