New Publication on Secular Rituals


What do secular rituals imply? The Swedish Church has long been the obvious space for organizing important rituals in the life cycles of the Swedes, such as baptisms, weddings, and funerals. But this obviousness is challenged now by the growing space given to secular equivalents of these rituals. 

This phenomenon is analyzed in a new study carried out by Karin Jarnkvist, researcher at the Centre for Religion & Society, Uppsala University. The online publication "Man vill ändå behålla tradition liksom" is a study based on interviews dealing with secular weddings, funerals and name giving ceremonies. It represents an important source of knowledge for the Swedish. 

Secular rituals often look like the religious ones, in particular in their form but also sometimes in their content. The general aim of the report is to give an overview of the rituals that are celebrated outside the Swedish church and the other religious communities, as well as on the presence of religious elements in them. The report contains a review of earlier Nordic research on the matter as well as an account of a pilot study.

To dowload the study "Man vill ändå behålla traditionen liksom" (PDF), please follow the link (only available in Swedish)